Architectural Assistantship

Department of Architectural Assistantship

Architectural Assistantship Department in Government Polytechnic Soron offers 3 years Diploma programme in Architectural Assistantship to the students who have passed 10th standard. The Department provides an outstanding educational environment complemented by superior teaching for its students as required by the industries.

The aim of Diploma Course in Architectural Assistantship at Government Polytechnic Soron is to mould the students for professional practice, in an era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology.The course builds on core curriculum to combine individual depth of experience competence, in Architectural Assistantship, with excellent background in all related subjects.It strikes a balance between classroom, lecture, laboratory and design. During this course students prepare drawings of buildings, basic knowledge of important materials like stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior finishes, glass, plastics, building hardware, roofing materials, additives and admixtures, adhesives etc.

The course ensures to develop in each student: self-reliance, creativity, leadership, business and moral ethics and continuing education and motivation.

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